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Disclaimer: This promotional dental CT scan is valued at $350 and is free of charge for all new patients and is for in-house use only. The dental CT scan is the property of Cosmetic and Implant Dental Associates and to be used for your free dental consult, examination and treatment plan. Patients may purchase a disk copy of their dental CT scan for the price of $350. No other promotions or offers can be combined together. Cosmetic and Implant Dental Associates reserves the rights to discontinue and/or deny this promotion for any reason without prior notice. Individuals using this CT Scan promotion agree with the terms stated within and consent to receiving a CT scan with the knowledge and understanding that CT scans emit low radiation.



The Dental Scan Center in NYC offers Dental CT Scans for only $350

Dental CT Scans A New Dimension In Dentistry  

Cone beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) displays high resolution, volumetric and complete three-dimensional views of critical anatomy for a more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation.

Our dental CT scan is accurate to one-tenth of a millimeter (0.1 mm) while medical CT scanners are off by 0.5mm or more.
When dentist treatment plan for dental implant placement, he can measure the distance to an anatomic structure (like the mandibular nerve) or thickness of cortical bone to one-tenth of a millimeter. This gives your dentist unparalleled accuracy. Your dentist can treatment plan with greater precision and in complete confidence.

Cone beam CT provides high resolution, volumetric images that provide complete three-dimensional views of critical anatomy for more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation. Cone beam CT delivers accurate scans with images comparable to medical CTs with a much lower radiation dose and quicker scan times.

Cone beam CT, it allows your dental specialists to dramatically enhance their patient care in a variety of ways. Some of the applications of Cone beam CT include:

• Implant planning  • Impacted teeth  • Oral surgery

•Airway study (sleep apnea)  • Periodontal disease  • Jaw tumor

• TMJ analysis  • Orthodontic planning  • Implant anchorage

• Cephalometric Analysis  • Periodontal disease • Endodontic anomalies